‘DC Comics’ Young Justice | Fan-Casting

With this Fan-Casting, I will be focusing on creating my team for a Young Justice franchise. Specifically, I am imagining more than one movie that concentrates on these characters separately, and they will eventually team up to face a threat. My focus is to make each character diverse as possible. Creatively it is important to have more than one type of sex, race, or perspective. … Continue reading ‘DC Comics’ Young Justice | Fan-Casting

Five Essential Comics to Read For the ‘Venom’ Movie

Note: This is a Dated Article moved from our old website Venom is here! Finally, we can see our favorite (debatable) symbiote on-screen. But what about the context and the origins of this character? Here are five must-read Venom comics to read before seeing Venom. These will get you up to speed on the symbiotic villain and anti-hero. Birth of Venom This graphic novel ties … Continue reading Five Essential Comics to Read For the ‘Venom’ Movie