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Capone Movie Review

Before you ask: yes, I liked Capone.  Josh Trank returns to the director’s chair in his new movie, Capone, and it’s a great comeback. This movie hits highs and lows as it takes you through an Al Capone journey you’ve never seen — the final years of his life. We see Al Capone, the biggest mob boss ever, in a mental and physical decline from dementia … Continue reading Capone Movie Review

A Guide to 2020 Movie Delays

Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in the movie industry. Summer blockbusters have been pushed back and for months, a new movie hasn’t seen a theater release. Luckily, studios have either pushed movies back or released them straight to VOD. With all the recent delays, we want to catch you up on updated major movie release dates. Keep up to date with our Guide to 2020 … Continue reading A Guide to 2020 Movie Delays