‘DC Comics’ Young Justice | Fan-Casting

With this Fan-Casting, I will be focusing on creating my team for a Young Justice franchise. Specifically, I am imagining more than one movie that concentrates on these characters separately, and they will eventually team up to face a threat. My focus is to make each character diverse as possible. Creatively it is important to have more than one type of sex, race, or perspective. … Continue reading ‘DC Comics’ Young Justice | Fan-Casting

20 Black Directors Whose Movies You NEED to Watch

  The Black Lives Matter Movement is on the rise. After the murder of George Floyd, people all over the country have peacefully protested in an attempt to end systemic injustices in the USA. We wanted to show you 20 BLACK DIRECTORS whose filmographies (movies and shows)  you need to watch! Some of them are new to the scene, like Nia DaCosta and Tayarisha Poe … Continue reading 20 Black Directors Whose Movies You NEED to Watch