“Locked Down” Movie Review

Have you ever wanted to see a movie with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway robbing a bank during a pandemic lockdown that we’re still currently in? Well, it’s your lucky day. This HBO Max original movie came out of nowhere with a trailer right before the new year that caught my attention. This movie is sold as a pandemic heist thriller, but it’s not that … Continue reading “Locked Down” Movie Review

The Witches (2020) Movie Review

The Witches directed by Robert Zemeckis is a fun, family friendly, adventure film that modernizes Roald Dahl’s book. Everyone can look back on their childhood and remember something that absolutely terrified them. Some may have been scared of clowns, vampires or even werewolves (specifically to me, Michael Jackson in the Thriller music video) but the young boy in this film has an encounter with witches. A Robert … Continue reading The Witches (2020) Movie Review