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UNpregnant Movie Review

Advertisements UNpregnant is one of the best films of the year! It is a buddy comedy, that rekindles the relationship between two former best friends, Veronica (Haley Lu Richardson) and Bailey (Barbie Ferreira), as they journey across state lines to get an abortion. It is adapted from the novel, under the same name, written by … Continue reading UNpregnant Movie Review

Streaming Selects June 2020 PART 2: 3 Movies to Stream RIGHT NOW

Advertisements For this second streaming bucket list for June 2020, I decided to focus on sequels that have mostly been forgotten and/or were underrated at the time of their release. Nowadays, we are exposed to so many different kinds of content that it’s easy to forget about certain films that came out without massive media … Continue reading Streaming Selects June 2020 PART 2: 3 Movies to Stream RIGHT NOW

Capone Movie Review

Advertisements Before you ask: yes, I liked Capone.  Josh Trank returns to the director’s chair in his new movie, Capone, and it’s a great comeback. This movie hits highs and lows as it takes you through an Al Capone journey you’ve never seen — the final years of his life. We see Al Capone, the biggest … Continue reading Capone Movie Review

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