‘DC Comics’ Young Justice | Fan-Casting

With this Fan-Casting, I will be focusing on creating my team for a Young Justice franchise. Specifically, I am imagining more than one movie that concentrates on these characters separately, and they will eventually team up to face a threat. My focus is to make each character diverse as possible. Creatively it is important to have more than one type of sex, race, or perspective. … Continue reading ‘DC Comics’ Young Justice | Fan-Casting

‘DC Comics’ Batman and The Outsiders: Fan-Casting

With this fan casting, I am going to do something a little bit different from my previous two Fan Cast (Super Girl Fancast and Batman Beyond Fan Cast). In this fan casting, I will attempt to fit a comic book storyline in the DCEU or any other DC property live-action film and cast those that are in those comic-book storylines. Batman and the Øutsider Several … Continue reading ‘DC Comics’ Batman and The Outsiders: Fan-Casting