Thunder Force Movie Review

“In a time where superhero movies are coming out frequently, would a Ben Falcone movie with a super-strong Melissa McCarthy work? Well… Thunder Force was definitely… interesting. “

Thunder Force is directed by Ben Falcone and stars Melissa McCarthy (shocker), Octavia Spencer, Jason Bateman, Taylor Mosby, Bobby Cannavale, and Pom Klementieff.

The story takes place in a world where supervillains run amuck in the streets. Childhood friends Lydia (McCarthy) and Emily (Spencer) must reunite after one devises a plan to take on the chaos. The concept sounds impressive on paper. Unfortunately, Thunder Force couldn’t stick its superhero landing.


Thunder Force has a fun cast, with names that are enjoyable like Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer. The two of them have some great onscreen chemistry together. They’re convincing as childhood friends who went their separate ways — they bicker like long lost sisters and have natural former besties energy. Lydia is loud and outspoken, which pairs well with super strength, while Emily is more elegant and intelligent. Emily pairs well with invisibility, creating a balance between this “dynamic duo” that feels right. Jason Bateman’s as The Crab can be funny at times as well.

But unfortunately, like its Ben Falcone counterparts The Boss and Life of the Party, the jokes just don’t hit. The script is god awful, with weird knock knock jokes that don’t even lead to anything. I’m serious, a dude tries to crack a joke and can’t even remember the punchline. It took a good 40 minutes into the film for me to crack a chuckle. How does one navigate this and find it funny?

This pairs hand in hand with the poorly written screenplay. Again, jokes aren’t funny but even dialogue is nearly lifeless, especially outside of Lydia and Emily. The King (Bobby Cannavale) is potentially the least convincing villain of post-2010 superhero films. His accomplice, The Laser ( Pom Klementieff) just feels like Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trying her hardest to be as mean as possible.


But how’s about the visual effects? Unfortunately, they’re nothing to ride home about. Melissa McCarthy lifting up a bus looked hokey, and not in a good way. The most “visual” of any of the abilities were the laser’s laser beams and The Crab’s claws and it was underwhelming. The Laser’s abilities looked like something you’d see in The Matrix 22 years ago, nothing special in today’s Avengers: Endgame climate.

In a world where superhero movies are the new westerns, there’s a big chance for some that don’t land. Unfortunately, Thunder Force wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as it could’ve been.

Thunder Force: 3/10

Thunder Force is now streaming on Netflix. If you decide to watch it, let me know what you think!

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