Voyagers Movie Review

When you think of space voyage films, what are some of your favorites? When it comes to neon-colored space explorations, Voyagers is a strong film in the entry.

Voyagers stars Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp, Fionn Whitehead, Chanté Adams, and Isaac Hempstead Wright in a film where a group of young astronauts take a multi-generational journey into space and madness.

The film is an exciting entry into the Science Fiction genre. The characters of the movie were raised to go on an 86 year voyage to find a new habitat for humans. This Lord of Flies in space tale also follows a conflict between two leaders who both seek control of the ship. Christopher prefers to follow rules and order, while Zac prefers “freedom” and options. The duality between the two creates a riff in the other crew members, leading them to decide who to stand by.

What makes Voyagers so exciting is it hits the beats of a good Sci-Fi wonderfully excellent sound design, strong and vibrant lighting, a great view of outer space, and a menacing villain. The sounds in the film are incredible, with a score that puts your right in the middle of space. Well done, Trevor Gureckis. Sound effects are well executed and exciting to the ear with deep tones that make you feel like gravity is about to plunder.

The story following this duality of leadership is a great feature too. One leader uses law and order, while the other uses fear. It is a consistent power struggle seen not only onscreen, but also in reality. This conflict causes the group to question which is truly good and evil? Who will be the one to look out for everyone? It’s always an exciting theme to explore, whether it be on an island like Lord of the Flies or in space.

Another amazing theme was the human condition. Instinctual feelings of touch, romance, and nature are all explored since the children spent their lives in space. Emotions rise, and madness becomes a pattern some of them take when law and order become less strict.

While the themes, sounds, and visual lighting of the movie are strong, the characters lacked charisma. In an environment like this, it’d be hard to be happy-go-lucky, but a little more emotion would’ve helped. A portion of the main characters are seen with blank expressions throughout most of the movie and it dulls the film in a few places.

Voyagers is a fun “voyage” into Sci-Fi, power struggles, human nature, madness, and more.

Voyagers: 8/10

Voyagers comes to theaters on April 9th.

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