Godzilla vs. Kong Movie Review

What’s the last great monster movie you’ve seen? I’d have to say when it comes to the MonsterVerse, Godzilla vs. Kong is the best film yet. This movie was a visual feast and an absolute blast of a watch.

Godzilla Vs. Kong stars Alexander Skarsgård as Dr. Nathan Lind, Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell, Rebecca Hall as Dr. Ilene Andrews, Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie Hayes, Kaylee Hottle as Jia, and Eiza González and Demián Bichir.

The story follows the human characters trying to find Kong’s true home, while also trying to discover why Godzilla attacked on land. The titans are pitted against one another in a showdown that can only be looked at as the match of the century for monster movies.

Godzilla vs. Kong is visually spectacular. The beasts themselves look astounding — Godzilla with his plated spikes, long tail, claws and teeth and King Kong with his gigantic fists and sharp fangs. Every time Godzilla lights up with his atomic breath, it’s nothing short of “breathtaking” (ha). The journey to the earth’s core, and Kong’s home, is so colorful and exquisite to the eye. The battle in Hong Kong is especially beautiful — the neon greens, purples, and blues are so vibrant. Each monster has such an intricate and fantastic design. This pairs hand in hand with cinematography that gives us incredible wide and perspective shots of the monsters. If you can and are able, see this movie on the biggest screen possible.

But visuals and cinematography aren’t the only thing that the movie gets right. The action sequences themselves are absolutely fantastic. At times, Godzilla vs. Kong might feel like a WWE match. These are some of the best blow to blow exchanges in a Monster Movie EVER. While watching them, you eagerly await for how each contestant will retaliate. Kong with a big jab to Godzilla’s jaw and Godzilla with a claw to Kong’s cheek, it’s seriously some action you’ll want to strap in for! Oh, and the battle with Mechagodzilla may have you on the edge of your seat! Junkie XL’s score matches perfectly with these sequences as well, especially when Godzilla appears and his classic theme comes with him.

Now lets get to the not so good. Unfortunately, Godzilla vs. Kong suffers from the same issue as its predecessors — a weak story and badly written characters. Kaylee Hottle is fantastic as Jia, with a connection to Kong that outshines the rest of the cast. Millie Bobby Brown plays a far better version of Madison in this installment. But honestly, the characters are once again presented with stiff, near lifeless dialogue. The story this time is at least surrounding the monsters, but the interaction and human element continues to lack and it’d almost be best to chop down the screen time they receive for more battles.

All in all, this movie is for the action and fighting. Don’t come to Godzilla vs. Kong for an intriguing story, great human characters, or anything deep. I’ll say it once more, this movie is for THE MONSTERS. After watching this a second time, I’ve changed my score slightly for the film.

Godzilla vs. Kong: 7.5/10

Godzilla vs. Kong is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max! Have you seen the film? As always, let us know your thoughts!

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