Will ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Be The Last Time Cavill’s Superman Takes Flight?

The first time Henry Cavill stepped foot on-screen as Superman, everyone was sold. He was the complete embodiment of Supes. He looked like he walked right out of the comic books. It truly doesn’t matter if you liked Zack Snyder’s version of the character or not. No one can discredit Cavill’s love and dedication to the character. In this case, for some strange reason, Warner Brothers and DC somehow sidelined Cavill’s Superman. If anyone deserved his own trilogy, it should have been him.

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Now, I understand what the Snyder fans are going to say… “But he does have a trilogy.” Yes, he does. But it’s a messy, misunderstood trilogy that doesn’t do the character justice. Cavill’s Superman was strong enough on his own to carry a trilogy. Warner Brothers needed to make a ‘Man of Steel 2’ right after the first one, insead of leaving him for a couple of years. They underused him and it is not sitting right with so many of us, who absolutely adore him as Superman. Cavill’s Superman is the reflection of the society around him and he played it perfectly. Yes, it’s dark. Yes, he is confused about his place on Earth but that is what makes his character so interesting to watch.

The reason I am praising Cavill is because some news broke today, that destroyed our hope for the future with Cavill’s Superman.

– Anthony D’Alessandro for Deadline

I don’t know about you, but my heart sunk. It is perfectly okay to be excited for a new Superman project with Ta-Nehisi Coates and J.J. Abrams but still be completely heartbroken over the treatment of Henry Cavill. In this article, D’Alessandro tells his readers that it is, in fact, a reboot of a feature Superman film. Other sources have said that they are in the early stages of recasting Kal-El/Superman. Some are saying that Val-Zod will be introduced and if that happens, it would work out a bit better because Clark Kent could use some rest.

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Superman Earth 2 (Val-Zod) by Vicente Cifuentes

The reason why I think Clark Kent deserves some rest is because, if they’re not going to treat the actor, or the character properly, then it’s time to switch gears. So the last time we see Cavill’s Superman would most definitely be in ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’. I must admit, I don’t know how to feel at this point. Of course, I want Cavill to play Superman forever, but do I want his character to be treated poorly? Almost as if he doesn’t exist because no one can relate to Superman? Snyder reminded everyone who Supes actually is,

Superman’s story is one of the immigrants. The story of discovering and finding himself in a world that rejects him. That journey to self-discovery is something many immigrants face in this country. Fear of the unknown and xenophobia exist in a world where Superman, an alien trying to balance two distinct cultures, must reveal himself.

-Sheraz Farooqi, Comicbook Debate

Snyder presented a different perspective and many found issues because he wasn’t a happy-go-lucky version of Superman, that we are all used to. For those who dislike Snyder and what he did with the character, others found comfort and hope. There should be no negativity surrounding the characterization for this breaking news. Instead, the frustration and angry should be geared towards the mistreatment of the characters and actors by the studio.

The DCEU started with Cavill’s Superman, so to not have him be such a huge presence for the future, just doesn’t sit right with me. What is even worse, is that Cavill loved Superman so much. He always showed so much pride and joy when talking about Superman. He loved him, and we loved him, for taking such good care of this character, even when others didn’t. Cavill deserved his own trilogy. What is the point of Superman, rising one more time, only to not see him again in the future?

We can only hope to get confirmation that Cavill will be returning, but the odds do not seem to be in our favour. To all the Cavill Superman fans out there, this is news is incredibly sad because we all know how much Superman meant to him. He named his big bear of a dog, Kal, for goodness sakes. Cavill has always been a beacon of hope and he put so much love and respect on Superman. If this is goodbye, then Cavill, you definitely did him justice and we thank you for your time as Superman.

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