Snyder Cut Official Trailer Sends Everyone Into A Frenzy

The road to Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been a long one. The Snyder Cut fans have fought long and hard to have their director’s vision come to the big screen. After many campaigns, and a successful HBO Max deal, the fans FINALLY got everything they have been dreaming of with this trailer. Zack Snyder is a man with many talents, one of them being how to properly drop a trailer!

Today felt really special, it almost distracted everyone from the fact that it is Valentine’s Day… but who actually cares about that? In the trailer (which is posted below) we see so many new scenes, Snyder scenes and it felt so different. Snyder has a distinct style and everyone knows it’s his movie because of it. He understands the source material for these characters and creates their world on the grandest scale. There are so many people who are invested in the characterizations from Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition that seeing those characters in a simple trailer is emotional.

Everything about this trailer was perfect. Snyder gave us a refresher, as he starts with Doomsday killing Superman and a voiceover of Lex Luthor. Then, once we leave Metropolis, the voiceover switches to Batfleck and we see each member of the Justice League. Each member of the Justice League looked like themselves in this trailer. The entire thing feels like a different tone, even if it is darker, Snyder is going to tell us a story filled with lore and plenty of details to dissect. We see a better design for Steppenwolf and Darkseid as well! We have to remember that this is also a trilogy in itself and Snyder does use similar sequences from Man of Steel and BVS.

Whether you supported the Snyder Cut or not, or whether you’re a fan of the boss man himself, you can admit that watching his journey has been pretty inspiring. Not only his journey but what the fans have accomplished together. This movie means the world to so many of us because it brought a community together and that is the biggest takeaway. Even if the movie is trashed by critics or people start arguments online (on both sides) we can always remember this film as something that brought everyone together. #UsUnited

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