‘In The Earth’ (Sundance Film Festival 2021!)

“As the world searches for a cure to a disastrous virus, a scientist and park scout venture deep in the forest for a routine equipment run.”


While in the actual chaos of our current environment, Ben Wheatley set a slasher thriller in the middle of the woods with just a sprinkle of a drug trip and a pandemic backdrop. This film is a massive high for horror fans that have been looking for something different. Wheatley masterfully put little slivers of horror that is reminiscent of iconic settings and sub genres.

In The Earth not only delivers on the horror aspect, but with the cinematography and practical effects. This is one of the most gorgeous horror films that I have seen in a while. Every shot and scene is always keeping you entertained, even when the movie takes a slow turn at a certain point. The cast was really good as well. Throughout the hike you constantly feel unsettled as we follow our characters in a cursed ridden forest. Each intense situation I felt every little bit of pain our characters went through.

Undoubtedly, the movie is a bit overly flashy at times. Some of the creative choices done in post production felt off and added pretty much little to nothing for the viewing experience. As I mentioned earlier, the film has a bit of a dramatic stop in pace in the middle of the film. It happens out of nowhere and it really held the film back from being much more.

I found myself loving the film, although it felt just short of greatness. Even though it wasn’t the masterpiece I’d hoped, it is still fantastic for any horror lover. There is also so much to fall in deep with(almost too much) In The Earth is being released later in 2021 by NEON. I give it an 8.7/10!

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