‘Mass’ Review (Sundance Film Festival 2021)

Jason Isaac & Martha Plimpton in ‘Mass’ Courtesy of Sundance institute

“Aftermath of a violent tragedy that affects the lives of two couples in different ways.” – IMDB

Fran Kranz’s directorial debut is a look at the suffering from both sides of a heartbreaking story about parenting, forgiveness, and being good enough. Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton, Ann Dowd, and Reed Birney all deliver career-defining performances from their own monologues to a group banter between the four of them. It continuously left me engaged with the raw and gritty material that Kranz has meticulously crafted.

Ann Dowd and Reed Birney in ‘Mass’ Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Kranz handed in a fantastic script that is bound to get the Oscar’s buzzing. ‘Mass’ doesn’t give the audience all the details at once, and instead sprinkles them throughout the story, which left me with questions answered, but gives me more things to ask, to continuously keep me involved. He doesn’t hold back when it comes to the problem at hand. A discussion where someone is open about losing their kid and trying to come to terms with his death, by talking to the killer’s parents. My biggest credit to the film and Kranz is touching on a subject matter that has not really been touched on and has been a subject of discussion for a while. From Kranz’s interview at the start, you could tell how much he wanted to show this film to the world, in a time where we live in this world that he created, and by the end, he teaches the audience that sometimes the answers we seek don’t exist. And I hope that is how other people felt coming out of this film.

Ann Dowd appears in Mass by Fran Kranz, an official selection of the Premieres section at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Ryan Jackson-Healy.

In the end, Kranz has given us an emotional journey that some people unfortunately face in this world and shows that the human spirit can prevail through acceptance and forgiveness. All of our four actors all get their heartbreaking moments and allows you to be in that room. I went in with expectations and came out blown away by every aspect. ‘Mass’ comes out later in 2021. I can not recommend this movie enough, I give ‘Mass’ a 9.4/10!

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