‘Supernova’ Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Funky

‘A gay couple — one a musician, the other a novelist — embark on a road trip as dementia starts to take hold of one of them.’

The Good:

The film gives us a look into a mental illness that most films won’t even go near or try to touch. It depicts the harsh reality of people living with dementia shown perfectly through our two leads Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci).

Stanley Tucci (Left) & Colin Firth (right)

Colin and Tucci gives us a powerful performance on both sides of the affliction, from the person suffering with dementia to the person suffering what comes after their loved one is gone. Throughout the film we are presented the question of how do we live on knowing our loved one has a timer slowly ticking over their head? At that point should we be in control of our own lives and our own destinies? The message presents to the audience something that everybody fears at a certain point in their lives while also supporting what the afficted wants under those circumstances.

The Bad :

I really have no complaints about this film, other than the cinematography. I found the cinematography a bit jarring and hard to explain without spoiling what happens. I don’t know if this was intentional or not.

The Funky:

Supernova had a weird pacing issue. There were many points in the movie I thought it was ending when it really wasn’t, scenes felt very sluggish in certain moments around transitions between the acts. This threw me off during my viewing experience, but overall it’s not too much of a concern.


Supernova is at its core a tale of love. This love gets broken by something unfixable and finds our central characters discovering the emotions of the unthinkable. This is a story I recommend, but be wary because it is definitely tugs at the heartstrings. I give Supernova an 8/10.

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