M. Night Shyamalan’s “Servant” may be worth an Apple TV+ trial

AppleTV+? Is that the thing you buy at BestBuy? No, wait, it’s that thing with the Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon show, right? RIGHT?!

Yes, that’s right. You may not know much about AppleTV+ (I know I didn’t), but getting a new iPhone meant that I was getting a free one-year subscription. Apparently the subscription was for a very prestige-looking streaming service crammed with movies and TV shows that few people have talked about but that gave me a great first impression upon first try.

And all of that is due to the M. Night Shyalaman-produced “Servant”, a show about a family dealing with heartbreaking tragedy… and other things that I would really prefer not to spoil in this article. Suffice to say that there’s a very creepy doll and an even creepier nanny involved.

Because “Servant” is the kind of show where “the unknown” becomes the main star. Not knowing all the details of what this is about, why things are happening – and, above all, where everything is going, is the most important part of the show. It is also what helps it stand out in a world where hundreds of scripted shows are being green-lit every year. 

These days, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick what to watch. We know we’re expecting new episodes of “Stranger Things”, “The Boys” or “The Mandalorian”, but we do seem to have a lot of time to fill in between them, and finding an engaging show can be tricky. Why would you spend so long watching a new show, when you could be spending that time watching Mando shooting people with a blaster for the 20th time?

The answer, my friends, is that there is a lot of entertainment and fun to be had in the criminally underrated and under-hyped “Servant”. In many ways, the look and feel is pretty derivative of Shyamalan’s style, so if you’re a fan of it then you’ll definitely find a lot of enjoyment here. For those that are not familiar with his filmography or who dislike him, there’s also a lot here for you, thanks to the sensibilities of showrunner Tony Basgallop. 

“Servant” is incredibly creepy and twisted in the best possible ways. It’s a horror show with limited characters and settings that uses creativity to move a seemingly simple plot forward. But, as it is with many other Shyamalan’s projects, things are not what they seem… and there’s a lot more behind the curtain that slowly unravels in the first season but leaves a lot of things open for the second season coming early next year.

Starring a group of people that you probably know and like from others things (Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grint), “Servant” is the perfect kind of show that’s bound to keep you invested for its fairly short 35-ish minutes long episodes of horror galore. You might not have AppleTV+, but if the rest of their shows are just as engaging as this one, then they might have just found a new subscriber here. We’ll see – but for now, let’s all discuss “Servant” and wait for season 2, even if might have to fight for my time between the new episodes of “Cobra Kai” and “WandaVision”.

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