‘DC Comics’ Young Justice | Fan-Casting

With this Fan-Casting, I will be focusing on creating my team for a Young Justice franchise. Specifically, I am imagining more than one movie that concentrates on these characters separately, and they will eventually team up to face a threat. My focus is to make each character diverse as possible. Creatively it is important to have more than one type of sex, race, or perspective. But mainly because diversity is necessary.

Static Shock

With the recent news, it looks like Static Shock will be getting his movie soon. So, this is the perfect time to cast who would be great playing Virgil Hawkins. For this casting, an African-American or African in their late teens or mid-twenties would be most appropriate.

Ashton Sanders would be perfect for Virgil Hawkins for many reasons, but the most important one being is that he is super talented. One of the most talented actors of this generation has been seen in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, Rupert Wyatt’s Captive State and was incredible in Native Son directed by Rashid Johnson.

Sanders can definitely hold a movie by himself and his ability to create great chemistry with others would elevate the film even more.

Ashton Sanders is perfect for Static Shock!

Donna Troy

Due to her overflowing popularity in Titans, who would not love to see  Donna Troy on the big screen? Being one of the most influential characters in the Teen Titans lore, I would say many people would love this choice. A Latin or Latin-American in their mid-twenties to late-twenties would work best.

Camila Mendes is a fantastic actress and although she has not been in any big-name films neither was Zendaya. It is always good to bring in some new blood that has a cult following. Although not many people may know who the actor is, so many people will love the character that much more if that actor can pleasantly surprise. Mendes has that talent to become one of those types of surprises in the industry. She has the dramatic ability and she works well with her peers.

Camila Mendes is my ideal choice for Donna Troy.


My pick for Aqualad is Ryan Potter. If you have not watched Titans on HBO Max or DC Universe, you are missing out! One of the many reasons is Potter’s super charismatic portrayal of Beast Boy.

The main reason why I would love Potter to play Aqualad is that I want a little more variety in his career because I believe he has the talent to show more of his diverse acting ability.

Ryan Potter has my vote for Aqualad!

The Flash

Joe Keery has had a great career from SirensEmpireMolly’s Game, to the great Stranger Things

With that said, I need him to do more. What would be better than to play The Fastest Man Alive? Wally West!

Much like everyone in Stranger Things, Keery is simply fantastic. He can definitely pull off both the dramatic and comedic elements of Wally West.

Joe Keery would be brilliant as Wally West, aka The Flash!

Miss Martian

Last but not least, Sadie Sink would absolutely kill it as Miss Martian!

Again thanks to another strong performance from Stranger Things, I honestly believe that Sink proved she can hold her own in a solo Miss Martian film.

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