DC Recap: What’s Happening in the DCEU?

2020 has definitely been a challenging year, not only for movie theatres, but for the studios as well. Almost everything we were blessed to see (apart from the Snyder Cut) has been moved to 2022 or later. We’ve had some great casting news as well, but everything just seems bittersweet at this point. DC FanDome felt like a dream and all those trailers seem like a torturous tease at this point.

Theater Closures

Did we all have that one shred of hope that Wonder Woman 1984 was still going to be released this year? Of course we did.

However, Warner Brothers took a major hit with releasing Tenet. I don’t want to blame Christopher Nolan for trying to save cinema, but he also set back the theatre chains. There is no one to blame but sometimes it feels better to point fingers in such a hopeless situation. Regal Cinemas and Cineworld both sent official statements saying that they will be closing down indefinitely, leaving Cineplex and AMC Theatres opened for the public. We don’t know if they will follow suit, but this is going to be damaging in the long run.

Black Adam New Casting

The most hyped film, that gave us casting news was Black Adam. It was announced earlier that Aldis Hodge (The Invisible Man) will play our Hawkman. The Internet was completely buzzing with this news and personally, Aldis has such a wonderful presence on screen that I think it’s god tier casting. We’ve seen Hawkman in the Arrowverse, Smallville, and of course, Super Friends but this will be his first live-action appearance on the big screen. We still don’t know which iteration of Hawkman Hodge will be portraying but it’s still very exciting. With Hawkman being cast, our Hawkgirl is not far behind and we are hoping we get to see her on the big screen, sooner, rather than later.


On Monday, the Twitterverse got some very sad news, as Warner Brothers announced that Dune will officially be moving to October 1st, 2021. At first, everyone reacted to the push back but the date was oddly familiar… Dune took The Batman release date, everyone was panicking, and we all knew what was about to happen. Not even 15 minutes later, Warner Brothers announced that Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, Shazam: Fury of the Gods and The Flash would all be moving, while Black Adam was taken off the release schedule.

The new release dates are listed below:

  • Wonder Woman 1984 – December 25th, 2020
  • The Suicide Squad – August 6th, 2021
  • The Batman March 4th, 2022
  • The Flash – November 4th, 2022
  • Aquaman (sequel) December 16th, 2022
  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods – June 2nd, 2023
  • Black Adam – TBD

Are we really surprised about any of these moves? No.

Can we still be extremely sad, about seeing all the new content at DC FanDome and not getting any of it as soon as possible? Yes.

This year has been straining and I know not having any new content, that we’ve all been waiting for, NOT come out is heartbreaking. This pandemic has changed so many things, it has taken so much from this world and life will never be the same. So having these films, no matter the format, whether it’s on the big screen, or from the comfort of our own home, we need to see them. Times have changed, but I truly believe that the spectacle of a communal experience in a movie theatre will never fully die.

The theatre industry is having a very difficult time right now due to the circumstances and public safety. Eventually, when the world gets a handle on COVID, we will be able to attend the cinema again, with all of our friends and family and experience the power of cinema together. This isn’t a goodbye from movie theatres, it’s a see you soon and we have to remain hopeful. It may seem bleak right now, but people are underestimating the power of movies.

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