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Luigi found in the DEVELOPMENT FILES of Super Mario 64

It has been 24 years since the release of Super Mario 64. Ever since the release of this game, fans and theorists have searched for evidence of Luigi being playable in the game, because of a statue that says, “L is Real. 2401”. The amount of people talking about this theory even hit Nintendo, who stated that Luigi was going to be playable, but was removed because of time. The texture that says “L is Real” also appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, putting the rumors to rest.

However, 24 years and 1 month later, data miners have finally found Luigi, in the development files of Mario 64, making the prophesy of L is Real come true.

(Fun Fact: 24 months and 1 month = 2401)

Players and modders have stitched the model of Luigi together, bit by bit, but now, through the efforts of these people, L is finally real, and playable in Mario 64.

PixarNerd Studios is a writer for Geekly Goods and an artist. You can contact him at @pixarnerdstudios on Instagram and @pixarnerdstudio on Twitter.

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