Top Ten BEST Pixar Movies of ALL TIME

(According to PixarNerd Studios)

Pixar has made a LOT of good films, but which are the best? I am going to go through my favorites, however, I am going to be grouping by franchise, because most of Pixar’s sequels are good. (Not talking about Cars 2) And let’s just say, that this was really hard to rank all my favorite Pixar films, but let’s get started!

10. Inside Out

Inside Out starts out our list. It is not a bad movie. It is a great movie, don’t get me wrong, but it feels slow at times. The emotions are real in this film. (Get it? Cuz the emotions are character?) The story is incredibly clever. However, the Riley subplot gets boring after about 10 minutes. However, that does not bring this film down.


9. Finding Nemo (and Finding Dory)

Finding Nemo is the story of a clownfish trying to find his only son, who got fish napped by a dentist. And yes, this movie is weird. Like most Pixar movies the characters stand out and make the movie compelling. Dory’s “Just Keep Swimming” line is just as iconic as the movie! “Fish are friends, not food” helps add character development to the sharks! The sequel builds upon this world by exploring more areas across the world, along with giving backstory to the character that always forgets things. (What was her name???)

8/10 and 7/10

8. Onward

Onward is Pixar’s newest movie, and the second Pixar movie to be directed by Monsters University director, Dan Scanlon. This movie takes a fantasy setting and makes it modern, allowing for plenty of stories to be told. The story in this movie is very emotional, about two brothers who want to reunite with their late father. Since this movie came out about 4 months ago, this is all I will say. However, if you have not seen it, it is one DISNEY + RIGHT NOW! GO WATCH IT!


7. Coco

Coco is the first “musical” movie that Pixar ever created, and it works very well. The story is emotional, like most Pixar movies, and the use of Mexican culture helps with that. The character of Miguel is strong, as he cares for his passion of music, and fights for that passion. The lesson that music is important allows for this movie to have some very amazing songs. (Listen to ALL OF THEM!!!)


6. Monsters Inc. (and Monsters University)

Monsters Inc. is a compelling story of love, friendship, and betrayal. As now CCO Pete Docter’s first directed Pixar movie, it holds up amazingly, and is one of Pixar’s most successful films. The characters are respectful and funny, allowing for some of the best quotes in cinema history. And Roz is HILARIOUS!!!! If you have not seen this movie, “I’m watching you, Wasowski, ALWAYS WATCHING.” The prequel is amazing and helps expand the universe, however, it does break some of the canon, making Sulley and Mike meet in College and not in 1st grade. However, Monsters University’s story helps you understand the beginning friendships of the pair, and has very emotional moments.

9/10 and 7/10

5. The Toy Story Franchise

Toy Story is the first film Pixar ever made, and the sequels stand behind it to make it one of the best film series of all time. Each film feels like the next step to a bigger story, unlike CARS, where 1 and 3 feel like the next step, but 2 is the lone sheep! (Cars is the worst Pixar movie series. DON’T AT ME!). However, I feel that the series should have ended at 3, but 4 is a welcome addition. The characters that Pixar introduces in this franchise are so compelling to watch, allowing for the audience to connect with them.

10/10, 10/10, 10/10 and 9/10


UP is Pixar’s most emotional story to date. The story of an old man, who wants to follow his late wife’s dream to explore South America, makes me cry every time. The beginning of this film is so sad, yet so heartwarming. However, sadness is not the only thing Up brings to the table. It also brings humor through the form of talking dog Dug, who is the best Pixar character ever.


3. Ratatouille

Who doesn’t love food? Pixar shows with this movie that they LOVE food. Ratatouille shows great character and emotion through the interactions of a human and a rat. The story gives us a compelling friendship, and also makes us hungry. The scenes where the food is being made are breathtakingly wonderful, and that is why Ratatouille is our number 3 pick.



Wall-e is one of the best Pixar movies. The beginning minutes of this movie are incredible, as it is hard to tell this this is a CGI film, at least until the Space Humans enter the picture. The emotions that they were able to capture with this cute little garbage collecting robot helps make this movie the number two pick.


1. The Incredibles (and Incredibles 2)

Of course these films are number one. They make up one of the best superhero movies of all time. This movie explores the minds of a family of superheroes, something Marvel and Fox have yet to do correctly, and Pixar has done it TWICE. The characters of this movie are the best, such as EDNA MODE! Edna is the best character in this film, and is the second best Pixar character, behind Dug from UP. (Fight me)

11/10 and 9/10

I also made a tier list for all of Pixar’s movies on my main youtube channel. Check it out here:

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