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Fan Casting and Crew Casting | Supergirl Film


In this article, I will be fan casting and crew casting for the upcoming Supergirl movie. Besides Kara Zor El, we will be talking about characters like Wonder Woman, Faora-Ul, and a crew member from cinematographer to the composer.


A female Kryptonian must find her baby cousin; meanwhile, a familiar Kryptonian has escaped the phantom zone for revenge.


Supergirl – Sydney Sweeney

Coveteur Photoshoot 2019

Sydney Sweeney has been in many fantastic shows and movies. From ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,’ ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ and ‘Sharp Objects.’ But the show that solidifies her acting ability for me is Euphoria. That emotional range that was explored in Euphoria, I feel like it would fit the characteristics of Supergirl (Kara Zor El).

Faora-Ul – Antje Traue

Many of the ‘Man of Steel’ fans know how badass Antje Traue was as Faora-Ul. Many people have speculated that she had died in Man of Steel, but Zack Snyder confirmed that Foara-Ul could have survived on Vero. For me, it would be fantastic if she did survive so we can see a fight between Supergirl and Faora-Ul.

Hippolyta –  Connie Nielsen (Queen) (Adobted mother)

Connie Nielsen is the perfect casting for Hippolyta, the way she presents herself, both as a mother of Diana and as the queen of the Amazons, was wonderful to watch in ‘Wonder Woman.’ Now that Diana can not go back to her homeland, A great way to bring Hippolyta back is to make Kara’s ship crash on Themyscira.

Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot was incredible in ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Batman v Superman,’ and ‘Justice League.’ Why would you not want more of her? Supergirl can be taken place after ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ During that time, Diana can be used as a mentor/ sister type role for Kara. It would be pretty amazing to see these two great characters interact on the big screen together. 


Director – Greta Gerwig

Photographed by Marc Hom

After watching ‘Lady Bird,’ it felt like Greta Gerwig would be the perfect director for a Supergirl movie. Soon after seeing ‘Little Woman,’ it is evident that she is a great assemble director. Creating great chemistry with a different character and giving each character time to breathe is what we need in a ‘Supergirl movie.’ 

Scriptwriter – Oren Uziel

Photographed by George Kraychyk

We haven’t heard much from the Supergirl movie that is supposed to be coming out only that they were supposed to start production in phase one of 2020, but COVID happened, and we got the news that Oren Uziel is going to be writing the script. I have liked one movie Oren Uziel has worked, and that was ’22 Jump Street,’ and to be honest, that was the only movie that I have seen from his work. ‘Cloverfield Paradox,’ ‘Shimmers Lake,’ ‘Freaks of Nature’  I have never seen. But it does seem like studios do like him since he has been announced to work on ‘Detective Pikachu 2’ and over course ‘Supergirl.’

Cinematographer –Bradford Young

Photographed David Vintiner

Bradford Young 
does not get talked about enough, but he is a fantastic cinematographer. Working on films like ‘Arrival,’ ‘Solo: A Star Wars Movie,’ and ‘Selma.’ Bradford Young can bring out the darkness, and the lightheartedness of Supergirl on the big screen will have fans and critics alike captivated.

Composer – Michael Giacchino

Photographed by Andy Paradise

When you think of Supergirl and Superman, you think of hope, strength, and love, and a great composer that can bring that out those elements with its score is Michael GiacchinoMichael Giacchino is working on Matt Reeves ‘The Batman,’ which is the opposite Supergirl or Superman. Still, he has also worked on the score of ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ ‘The Increibles,’ and ‘Spider-Man.’


If we are not going to get a Superman movie, I would love a Supergirl movie. If we did get a sequel to Man of Steel, I would still want a Supergirl movie there is so much rich mythology to her story that many fans would love to see on the big screen.

I have shared my fan-cast and fan-Crew, who I think would be right for the Supergirl movie. Who would you all like to see as Supergirl, and how would your supergirl movie play out? Let me know in the comments below.


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