Every DC Universe show RANKED Worst to Best

Before I start, a quick disclaimer. I some of these shows are still running and the first seasons have not finished as of yet, and some of the shows have been canceled. This is only my preference and might as well change as shows keep going through the seasons.


Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing had a fantastic cast, good writing, and good set designs, along with so much more. Sadly, I put this in last because right before the show premiered they dropped the episode count from 13 episodes to 10 episodes, then they canceled the show before it even premiered! The season ended with loose plot lines and an overarching story that we will never see.


Harley Quinn

Let me start off by saying that I am not the biggest fan of animated shows, but I enjoyed the first few episodes of season one and it kind of went downhill, simply because I thought the show started becoming more and more generic and just, I guess, boring? I know I am in the minority on this one, but I hope my opinion changes with season 3! On top of all of it, I think the voice cast is just okay with the exception of Alan Tudyk.


Young Justice

I really enjoy this show, I never knew anything about the young justice team, but this show was a nice introduction. I think the animation is the same quality as Harley Quinn. Yet, again, another Animated show, and I’m not the biggest fan of them.



I was pumped about this show, I have wanted a live-action teen titans since the cartoon ended. They perfectly casted, but sadly brought down by the lack of character development because the writers decided to have to many characters and running plot lines and becomes too much. The show has this odd bluish tint on the show that makes it kind of distracting and sometimes ugly to look at. I still have a soft spot for the show, because ITS TEEN TITANS!



The newest release to the streaming service is quite a delight. I was unsure about the show because of how long the production took, but the show is an absolute joy to watch and a great semi coming of age story about being in high school while trying to be a hero and take justice for someone who may or may not be your father. The cast is great and really good writing.


Doom Patrol

I absolutely love this show. Great cast, great writing, and is some of the weirdest stuff I have seen on TV. The show is not afraid to pull its punches which I truly appreciate. I think this show is hilarious and deserves all of its credit. Wonderful performances. This show took its leap of faith and landed it. It’s hard to review this show because of how in particular it is without giving away spoilers.

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