Love, Victor Review

When Love, Simon came out in 2018, I never knew how much I’d enjoy it. Soon after the success of the movie, they announced this show. I was taken back for a second, because they had said it would have nothing to do with Simon. So, I was super skeptical about what it would be about and I have got to say I really liked the direction of the show.

For the most part, the show and the movie are similar. At the core of it, it is about someone in high school coming to terms with their sexuality. One difference is Victor contemplates being bisexual, while in the movie Simon always knew he was gay.

Simon himself played a much bigger role in the show than I was expecting. Simon is more of the guidance for Victor throughout and I think that was a nice touch of having the old helping the new, by giving Victor advice through text.

Victor was a good lead and his relationship with Felix his best-friend of the show was great. Honestly, all the relationships between the characters have good layers to them, especially when Victor goes between his love interests and figuring things out. One thing that really stuck out to me about this show was the family dynamic. Victor comes from a Hispanic family and the troubles of coming out and what the cost of that is.

The show left off on a wanting more note and I am so for it! I hope this gets a season 2.

I give Love, Victor a solid 8/10.

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