The TOP 10 BEST Sonic Games of ALL TIME

It’s a good day! On this day, Sonic the Hedgehog released in the US in 1991. That means Sonic officially turns 29 and we couldn’t be more excited! First games, then shows, now Sonic even has a movie. In under 30 years, Sonic has become a household name!

In honor of the big day for the speedy blue hedgehog, I wanted to share my top ten BEST Sonic games of all time. Here’s the list starting from ten:

Knuckles’ Chaotix

This game was the first platformer to not feature Sonic and instead, it put Knuckles in the main character seat. My favorite thing about this game is the ability to choose between so many different playable characters within a 2D platformer Sonic game You can pay as Knuckles, Espio, Vector, Charmy Bee, Mighty the Armadillo and more!

Sonic Heroes

In this game, you play as different sets of Sonic teams working together to accomplish a singular goal! The coolest part is being in 3D environment and swapping characters as you please. Unfortunately, the shaky camera movements puts this game toward the bottom of the list.

Sonic Generations

Sega comes up with some creative ideas for new Sonic games and while some were sour about this change, you can’t deny it was a cool change. The game pairs old-school Sonic with his present-day counterpart in an adventure that includes both 3D top-down and side-scrolling gameplay. It’s a fun mix to play between both styles, but the story is kinda boilerplate.

Sonic Adventure

This was my childhood, a lot of it – I’m aging myself. The game was Sonic’s first legit 3D game and it featured 6 different playable stories with different characters. It was super cool with this fun, somewhat open-world exploration to get through the story. The camera controls weren’t’ the best and some of the levels were clunky! And the voice acting gets squashed a lot, which I didn’t agree with until I recently replayed the game. Yikes! But it was an absolutely fun adventure nonetheless!

Sonic Adventure 2

This game introduced us to Shadow the Hedgehog and established a phenomenal character rivalry. The story was one of the strongest out of all of the sonic games! Unfortunately, the game is fairly short and doesn’t split the characters up like it’s predecessor.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Both of these games were intended to be released together and came bundled in one on PC. This game was so exciting because you got to actually play as Knuckles for the first time!

Sonic Mania

This was an electrifying new title to a long slump of bad Sonic games… this revived the sonic side-scrolling 2D look that most sonic fans enjoyed and it remixed levels and the famous themes associated with those levels. It also added a bunch of new stages to the lineup!Mania is definitely one of the top!

Sonic The Hedgehog (Original)

The next game is the first Sonic the Hedgehog! The original, the game that started it all, Sonic the Hedgehog was a complete game-changer. At the time, it was a fresh new look to the overcrowded video game industry!

Sonic CD

This game was everything! Not only did it have a super cool animated introduction but it also had some amazing level designs, an awesome soundtrack, and, of course, Metal Sonic!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

This game reintroduced the famous Green Hill Zone as Emerald Hill Zone and it’s still instantly recognizable to even non-sonic game playing fans. There are also these awesome 3D landscapes, too, in a 2D game! The story is simple, easy, and to the point and it’s an extremely fun game from beginning to end.

What’s your favorite Sonic game? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

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