7500 Amazon Movie Review

It’s been a while since Joseph Gordon-Levitt played a lead role. While he had cameos in the movies Knives Out and Star Wars: The Last Jedi due to his relationship with Rian Johnson, he hasn’t had a big role since Snowden. Enter 7500, a movie about a pilot who tries to maintain control while terrorists storm the cockpit. While it sounds like it could be a thrilling ride, it fails to dial that in the entire time.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Tobias Elliot, American co-pilot on his way to Paris from Berlin. His girlfriend is a flight attendant aboard the plane. After takeoff, the plane is soon hijacked by terrorists and this is the highlight of the movie. The adrenaline, the claustrophobic shots, the screaming, and Gordon-Levitt’s powerful acting all make this a solid cinematic sequence. Gordon-Levitt is at his top in these scenes, where the terrorists take hostages and Tobias cannot let them in the cockpit.


Sadly, the height of the movie is its only positive. After the terrorists take hostages, they are eventually overpowered and the movie drifts into dialogue between characters other than Tobias; he’s who we came to see! It baffled me to see a portion of this movie that didn’t have Joseph Gordon-Levitt, HE’S THE STAR! To be honest, most of the other members of the cast didn’t have the acting chops and Gordon-Levitt’s Tobias was astounding. I wanted more. Other than the initial hijacking and hostage situation, the movie fails to reach the adrenaline of a full plane heist due to the stalls in story and dialogue. The terrorists argue amongst themselves and it’s not exciting to watch.

This movie could’ve been a stellar 30 to 45 minute short, chopping out a good amount of the second act would’ve fixed a LOT. This is an example of when your Ribeye might just have a little too much fat on it.

Rating: 5.5/10

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