DC’s ‘Stargirl’ Series Review: Streaming on DC Universe and The CW

I put episodes 1 and 2 under one review because the pilot was split into two episodes. I was shocked at how much I found this show to be good. I did not think the marketing was great on top of lackluster posters.

The casting is pretty spot on in this show, especially Luke Wilson and Brec Bassinger as Pat Dugan and Courtney Whitmore. These two have great chemistry with one another along with the mom and Pat’s son. All four of them work very well off of each other. I can’t wait to see where Pat and Courtney’s relationship goes. The Injustice Society is an excellent addition to this show, even if we have only seen brainwave as a semi-big bad for the first few episodes and I’m excited to see Icicle, Solomon Grundy, and more as the season goes on. All around the casting for this show is fantastic.

Brec Bassinger as Stargirl

The CGI is really good too (for television standards). Plot-wise, I dig how the Injustice Society sort of has Blue Valley under their spell in a sense, as they commence their master plan. I also appreciate how they give her staff a personality too and it really seems to be its own character. All around I thought this was a strong first episode introducing us to our main characters and I’m curious to see where they go next!

Stargirl Episodes 1 and 2: 9/10

I recommend watching this on DC Universe if you have it or The CW streaming app.

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