Tower of God Episode 7 “Lunch and Tag” Recap and Review


Warning: Spoilers for Episode 7 ahead

Okay not really, but there’s another reason to look forward to hump day. New episodes of Tower of God come out every Wednesday on Crunchyroll. This week, episode 7 dropped, titled Lunch and Tag. While this time we see some filler, there’s a lot of goodies in this episode.

We open the episode at the climax of episode 6. Anak and Endorsi are still battling, but we learn about Jahad. He’s the first to climb the tower and his princesses were hand-selected by him, so they aren’t related. The worst part about being a Princess of Jahad; you’re forbidden from having children, and Anak’s mother broke that role. This gives Anaak’s motivation a stronger reason. This is my favorite part of the episode, as it unfolds layers of a character we want to know later.

Meanwhile, the position training is still going strong. Here we get an even closer look at Bam. He’s still training to be a wave-controller, but he’s naturally gifted. It’s obvious there’s something more to him. While the other students popped (or didn’t) one balloon with Shinsu by aiming directly for it, Bam was able to pop three balloons without touching them. This is a subtle hint that his past is more than meets the eye.

Tower of God
Bam trying to make friends.

Throughout the majority of the episode, Bam and friends are attempting to complete a task by making 8 friends each and after that, we are introduced to another Procter who seems to be less patient with the students. This leads to unique a game of tag split into two teams for all students who are failing (everyone but Rak).

Overall, this episode was another goody. We get some scrumptious character development, and more hints and nudges about Bam. Not only that, but Bam and Khun are matched against each other and I’m dying to see more of Khun’s power. I find his ability to copy items he absorbs into his bag to be fascinating, there has to be more to it!

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