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Capone Movie Review

Before you ask: yes, I liked Capone

Josh Trank returns to the director’s chair in his new movie, Capone, and it’s a great comeback. This movie hits highs and lows as it takes you through an Al Capone journey you’ve never seen — the final years of his life. We see Al Capone, the biggest mob boss ever, in a mental and physical decline from dementia and syphilis. This is unlike The Untouchables or Richard Wilson’s Al Capone. While I didn’t love it, I enjoyed this film.

Start the positives with the biggest one — Tom Hardy as Al “Fonzo” Capone. He plays the role to a T; he is not the young, spry mobster in his heyday, but instead the embodiment of a Capone falling from grace. Tom Hardy grumbles, he squints, he shits himself (yes, you read that right), he shows us what it’s like to truly lose yourself. And what’s phenomenal about it all is how believable it is. To play a unique version of a famous character is no easy feat, but his consistency in portraying a Capone who fell from grace is breathtaking. It’s believable, accurate, and you truly feel the physical and mental dwindling. This level of performance reminds me of his Bane from The Dark Knight Rises — the man embodies a completely different character with each role. I found myself near tears during some of the scenes where he exhibits dementia due to experiences with my late grandfather.

Trank brings the best out of Hardy by examining mental health and decline in a character we are not supposed to love. He also explores mental health with a different approach. We explore dementia with horror elements that he brings over from Chronicle and even (shivers) Fantastic Four. We see Capone’s dementia through his eyes interjected with horrifying scenes from his past and hallucinations in the present. But I won’t spoil too much, watch the movie.

While I liked the movie, there are a few things that stopped me from loving it. First and foremost, Trank would work best with an editor. The scenes jarringly cut from one to another and lack a cohesive flow. And, while it is emotional, I would’ve liked to spend a little more time with the dementia sequences. I feel like a few of them were cut short, and I would’ve liked to see a few more Capone crimes.

Many will not like this movie. They’ll think it’s Al Capone taking a dump on himself for two hours and not enough gunfire. I really liked it and was immersed in the unique take of Capone. Check it out streaming now on Amazon.

Rating: 7/10

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