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A Love Letter to Star Wars: The Clone Wars

It’s the day after May 4th and I’m still thinking about Star Wars, especially with what we got that day. Diehard Star Wars fans know what I’m talking about — The Clone Wars finale, the best of the prequel era. In bittersweet emotion, I’d like to summarize my feelings for this series as a whole.

Warning: Contains spoilers for the last season and finale of The Clone Wars. 

The Star Wars prequel series was full of cringeworthy moments. We all remember how Anakin felt about sand or the atrocity of Episode I, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars brought a much-needed light to the lower quality prequels. It was the beacon of hope that the prequels needed onscreen.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars explored so many captivating backstories from characters in the prequel trilogy; Clone Wars gave us Maul’s origins, Obi Wan’s love interest, and explored Anakin’s tragedy. These details were robbed from the movies and changed our feelings about the characters (I’m an even bigger fan of Vader). In addition to existing characters, The Clone Wars brought life to new characters like Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, and clone troopers. We follow the lives of certain clones, namely Rex, Fives, Cody, and more, and we become attached to them. We learn that the clones aren’t army drones but humans who deserve their own rights.

But that’s not all The Clone Wars gave us. The Maul episodes highlight the powerful scripts and dynamic voice acting that we see throughout the series.

The main cast in the series put so much emotion into their performances. Matt Lanter’s Anakin Skywalker not only had a better script, but portrayed a more vivid struggle between light and dark. Sam Witwer’s Darth Maul was a slippery, maniacally poetic villain. The music was INCREDIBLE and perfect! I love John Williams, but Kevin Kiner knocked it out with this one. The animation continued to improve over the series and came to a head during the last season.

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The last season was nothing short of incredible. We witness Ahsoka Tano’s fate before the next series, Star Wars: Rebels. We see Order 66 from the perspectives of Ahsoka, Rex, and Maul, three characters who didn’t exist (or virtually didn’t). It was a refreshing, but emotional take. The animation, the reactions, the emotions, it was all at the height in the last episodes when the Sith won. 

This series, is so beautiful. I love it, the stories, the characters, the performances. It is some of the best in the Star Wars universe, possibly only second to the original trilogy.

Thank you, Dave Filoni, George Lucas, Lucasfilm, and everyone else involved for creating this brilliant series. I couldn’t have enjoyed a Star Wars series more. This series has inspired my entire perspective on the Star Wars universe and it is, and forever will be, out of this world.

Thank you for listening.

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